If you plan to study in Germany for Indonesian, there are around 400 options of universities that come from a very high level you able to choose. Choose the right perfect course can be overwhelming to do. Here is what you can do to find the best universities to study in Germany and get success tips for study.

  • Get an overview of the idea of what you want to study. You can find it by online by visit website German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).DAAD is the world largest organization for international student exchange promotion.
  • Qualifications of higher education. Most of the higher education course in Germany is end with a master degree or bachelor degree.
  • Choose your university. There are 3 types of university in Germany, the classic university, that offer you academically oriented study courses, whilst universities that offer applied science and “fachhoshuslen” which is a great place for emphasis the vocational training.
  • CHE university ranking. German university has a worldwide reputation. You can check for the university reputation in Centre of Higher Education development that gives comprehensive ranking information.
  • University location. Location may be not crucial things that you will think so much when you study in Germany. However, if you want to be a success when you study in Germany, get perfect location is a good idea. Some people that want to do something outside of their study, cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich can be a great place to explore the gastronomic and cultural offered. For those who need quite a place to study, choose a university in a smaller city can be a better option.
  • Personal advice. If you still confuse and hesitate to choose which one that you should choose, you can ask for personal advice. You can ask tips and planning supports to study in Germany as well as from your country. DAAD run information centers that available in some countries branches.