When you think about studying in German universities, you should also think about the living cost of the cities where those universities are located in. It would be such a shame if you got into a great university but you get stressed out because the living cost is highly expensive. That is why we are going to discuss the cheapest towns in Germany with universities in them.


Leipzig is a trade fair city with considerably low rents and living costs. However, this city is still very rich in leisure opportunities, vibrant nightlife, and diverse art and cultural scene. That way, you don’t need to worry if you’re looking for entertainment while still saving money in your pockets.


This is a city on the River Elbe that attracts millions of tourists every year. Dresden is filled with beautiful sights such as the Semper Opera House, the Zwinger, and the Frauenkirche. The living costs are pretty much affordable and there are a lot of student clubs here. It is even said that the number of student clubs here is a lot more than in any other town with Universities in Germany.


Jena is a town of 100.000 people with a vibrant and relaxed vibe. This town is filled with various faculties of the Friedrich Schiller University, which is spread all over the town. This town is quite small so you can pretty much reach any place on foot. The living costs in this small town is of course very affordable.


The town of Halle is home to the Martin Luther University. This town was a former industrial town which is now starting to evolve into a centre for science and research. The campus in this town is the second-largest science and technology park in the east of Germany. The centre of this town also has a University Square which is one of the most beautiful ones in Europe.


Kaiserslautern is home to the Technische Universität and is very attractive for its artificial intelligence research. The cosy atmosphere during this town’s wine festivals is one of the most lovable things about this town. This is also why this town attracts a lot of tourists. The living costs, including accommodation and food, are also quite cheap.

When it comes to studying in Germany, you should always consider the living costs. When you study without the burden of accommodation and food costs, you can study peacefully. That is why you should know the cheapest towns with universities in Germany.